Teeth Whitening Explained and Frequently Asked Questions

Can crowns be whitened?

Unfortunately crowns can’t be whitened. The bleaching gel is made to whiten your natural teeth. Many people specifically get crowns a few shades lighter than their natural teeth in order to be able to whiten them later.

How long does it take to get results?

This is our most frequently asked question, and it is also the one that is hardest to answer. Results between individuals vary highly; depending on the how badly the teeth are stained. Stains from wine, coffee, and cigarettes are the hardest stains to remove. Your results also depend on how often you are willing to apply the treatment. Regardless of your current shade, you will be able to whiten your teeth with our bleaching gel.

Is the process painful?

We are committed to making your experience as pain free as possible. The process of whitening your teeth should not cause you pain or discomfort. If you have very sensitive gums you may feel some discomfort during your first application. In most cases all you will feel is a painless tingling sensation on your teeth. We do give safety precautions in our instructions, which if followed should give you a painless and successful whitening session.

How much gel should I use per session?

We recommend using about 0.5ml for your first session (0.5ml for your top teeth and 0.5ml for your bottom teeth). This is for your teeth and gums to get accustomed to the gel. From there on you can use 1ml-1.5ml

What is the gel made of?

Our syringes contain a bleaching gel called carbamide peroxide. There are different grades depending on your desired results. The level of carbamide peroxide in these gels varies anywhere between 17% to 44%. All our syringes contain 3ml of a 35% carbamide peroxide gel which is generally the standard. Instead of having a range to confuse you and make the decision making process harder; we decided to use the standard grade in all our syringes. If you would like a different grade for some reason please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you!

What is the LED light used for?

The LED light in our kits is a truly revolutionary product. It is used to activate the bleaching gel in the syringes by emitting a cool blue light onto your teeth. With the LED light you will feel like a professional dentist while sitting at home and in just minutes you will see results.

What are the Vitamin E Swabs used for?

In our ongoing effort to make the teeth whitening process as painless and as comfortable as possible, we have included vitamin E swabs in all our kits. The swabs are pre-filled with vitamin E; they protect your gums and lips from the irritation sometimes caused by teeth whitening agents.