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Teeth Whitening Pen $39.99

Our teeth whitening pens are a quick and easy way to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth from the convenience of your home. It is our easiest product to use and yet it is very effective. This pen is used for touch-ups and is another powerful tool to add to your teeth whitening arsenal.

Starter Kit $89.99

Our Starter Kit contains the following:

    • 2 Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes
    • 2 Termoplastic Mouth Trays
    • 2 Vitamin E Swabs
    • 1 LED Light

Home Toothbrush Sanitizer $39.99

Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer $49.99

Using a UV light our travel sanitizer keeps your toothbrush germ free; killing 99.9% of bacteria. Take it with you every time you travel!